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A comprehensive certification course for financial professionals

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Enhance Your Knowledge Of The Fiduciary Standards

Learn everything you need to know to be compliant with new fiduciary standards.  Also gain the knowledge necessary to meet and exceed the best interest standards and impartial conduct standards which are in force today.

Protect And Grow Your Practice The Right Way

Simply put, failure to comply with the fiduciary rules can get you sued. Why risk it? Taking this course will not only help protect your practice but having the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation can help grow it as well!

Easily Demonstrate That You Always Put Your Client's Best Interests First

Those who hold the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation can immediately and clearly demonstrate how they practice a fundamental obligation to always put their client's best interests first.

Requirements For Certification

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF)! All registrations must be submitted with full payment prior to the class. Total tuition to attend this online course is $1695.00. Tuition includes $450 non-refundable application/Background Check fee, and $1295 course fee. You must complete and submit your application at the start of the class. You will be able to download it in the first lesson. If your application is not approved we will refund the $1295 course fee (Discounted prices will be adjusted accordingly).

To qualify for the CFF certification, use the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation, and to become a member of the NACFF individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Eligible candidates must possess a professional financial certification/ designation, or professional financial license (securities, insurance, accounting, etc.), or a combination of education and experience deemed satisfactory by the NACFF Advisory Council 
  • Exemplify the highest standards of morals, ethics, and fiduciary standards of service
  • Successfully complete a rigorous training and certification process at one of our training events 
  • Successfully pass a proctored exam 
  • Pass a full background check and be in good standing with all state and federal license requirements 
  • Business office must be reviewed for best practices and compliance
  • Complete and submit the signed Application for Certification.
    • Includes agreeing to the NACFF Terms of awarding and maintaining certification
  • Agree to abide by and uphold the NACFF Code of Conduct
If you have any questions about whether or not you will qualify you may contact us at 704-930-0032 or email [email protected] . 
Special circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Get the fiduciary knowledge you need to Protect Yourself, Your Practice, and Your Clients.

Become a Certified Financial Fiduciary® today!


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